Sunday, February 22, 2009

So we just finished up with week three. We were given this color pallette.

Kit requirements: 6 papers (no more, no less) You can choose how many to be patterned/plain/etc.

8 elements - For your elements, at least one must be extracted from either a photo or a scan. If you have a program that allows you to create and use layering style, I want one element created with your unique style.

So here is my preview (click preview for download link)

So here were our instructions for week 2.

Now, your challenge for this week, is to create a kit that includes atleast 10 papers. I would like to see 2 papers per color. and atleast 2 patterned ( multicolor pattern ) papers.

You may not have more than 14 Papers. To go along with your papers, you also need to create at least 8 unique elements to match your papers. You may include them in multiple colors if you wish, as long as you use 8 unique ones.

You may choose from one of the following themes
- Any Animal
- Almost Spring
- Best Friends
-You color my world

Here are my previews for the paper and elements. Click previews for download links.

And here is a LO I made using this kit.

So, I have started the nex round of Designer Challenges at This time we are not allowed any CU items. All must be extracted, doodkes, etc of our own. It has started out a challenge, but here is my first entry. We were given this pallette of colors and the theme.
Here is my preview for Baby Days.
And here is a LO I did using this kit!