Friday, October 10, 2008


I am very thrilled that I have gotten several kit requests. I was unsure as to how well my kits would be received, but now I am getting requests! So, Toni, here is the vaccine Injury Awareness kit with a dontation link. I am also working on my first non-charity kit (well, my second, although I never published the first). I am working on a boy kit and naming it after my new Great nephew Mason. I will also be coming up with another boy kit and a few girlie kits too! Watch my blog for new releases soon. Don't forget to leave some love!

Download papers and alphas here.

Download elements here.

Donate to Talk About Curing Autism here.


Joni said...

Thank you for the Vaccine Injury Awareness Kit! While my son's autism is genetic and not vaccine induced, I have great compassion for the families that have been harmed by vaccines. I support all forms of autism on my website ( and would like to put a link to your blog regarding these graphics on my site, if it is okay with you.

I appreciate your efforts and thank you for your hard work.

Joni (aka twin3rd)

Eeyore3692001 and Foxtrot said...

Thank you for this kit hun. It is very much appriciated.


Toni aka Eeyore

Anonymous said...